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Playful Family

Parent Education

Parents and caregivers are always a child's first advocate.  They are our direct line to each of our client's and are an integral part of their child's treatment team.  At Managing Overwhelming Moments we know that having a clear and open line of communication between our therapists and families is an important part of each client's progress.  We understand that each of our families will have unique needs and provide parent education as a part of each client's treatment plan.  

Parent education is a dedicated time for parents to spend with their child's BCBA to ask questions, voice concerns, give/receive feedback, and overall to receive support on how to best serve their child.  Along with parent education each treatment plan will consist of parent goals that will be chosen based on areas of concern that the family would like to focus on.  During the parent education the BCBA will review strategies for implementing the goals and collecting data on progress.  


After each therapy session our therapists will debrief with the family to discuss progress on goals, skills worked on, and any other important information from the session. 



Please feel free to contact us for additional information on our services.
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